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Happiest Birthday Highly Esteemed CEO of our LoveWorld Nation. Thank you for Being an epistle to all of us in Ministry. I love you and celebrate 🎊 with you Ma. #EWCAZ3 #Southsudan.

Happiest Birthday Highly Esteemed CEO Happiest Birthday Highly Esteemed CEO Happiest Birthday Highly Esteemed CEO

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Still loading,,,,,,,,,,,,90% CELEBRATING A CHAMPION, WORD DOER, GRACE PERSONIFIED, AN HERO OF FAITH AND THE WORLD BEST TEACHER,A BOSS AND A CARING MOTHER. PASTOR we LOVE YOU SO MUCH #wealth1031 #cewarridsc #celebratinggreatfaith #warriministrycentre

💎Celebrating Magnum Lumen💎 Happy Birthday Ma, thank you for teaching and showing us the way of excellence. Thank you for believing in us and for loving us. Thank you for being an inspiring role model to me. I Love You❤️ #MagnumLumen #HowISeeMyCEO

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How you follow Our Man of God and His Instructions is a lesson you teach us without words and we are learning from the best... Happy Birthday ma. I love u

You can't beat that smile... I am looking forward to this smile on 16th November Night... When Pastor TT will announce announce u winner again....Happy Birthday My winner pastor

CELEBRATING MAGNUM LUMEN! You are a Great Light! You are the Epitome of Beauty! You are the Definition of Grace! You are a Repository of Wisdom! You are a Beacon of Light and Hope! You are a Paragon of Excellence! You are the Emblem of God's Liquid Love! Thank you Ma for raising us as champions to illuminate and dominate the nations of the world. We celebrate our Exceptional and Excellent Director Extraordinaire - the Highly Esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips! We love you Ma. #GYLF #magnumlumen

Happy Birthday Pastor ma. Your passion for the gospel is contagious. Thank you for being an ardent follower and helper of war to our man of God. I love you ma

Champion is who you are and you will never stop wining. Happy Birthday 🎂 Pastor Deola Philips. I love you dearly Maa💖 #magnumlumen #GYLF #Ghana #29Oct19

Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed CEO and ISM Director - Pastor Deola Phillips. Thank you so very much Pastor Ma, for your love, inspiring leadership and for the many opportunities in Ministry. I love and celebrate you dearly. God bless you. #ism #magnumlumen #Aflameism

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