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#iprayforNigeria: When we pray for Nigeria, we establish the DOMINION of the CHURCH in our time NOW- That is KINGDOM TAKEOVER!!! We all have 24hours daily we can either invest it or waste it find out more in this clip WATCH THIS #gntv

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Happy birthday sir .

Happy birthday Sir,we love you.#eavz6 #cemauritius.

Happy birthday to you Pastor Sir, thank you so much for your fatherly love, care and prayers. I love you Pastor.

Excerpts from The message "Pursuit of purpose" The various meetings we hold are not our purpose but a means to achieving our purpose

Doing an outreach with the kids #Outreach

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Happy birthday to My dear Pastor,my father, mentor my Zonal Pastor EAVZ6. I love so much Sir. God bless you so much. #HBDPTO #EAVZ6

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