TruSouthKing (T.S.K): I don't know where my on KingsChat Web

I don't know where my live would have been today if Pst Osagie Never introduced me ro The Gospel Of Pastor Chris ...I'm eternally grateful

I don't know where my

I have the incorruptible life of God in my spirit #NOBBeninzone3 #cebz3mcc

Any girl who want have a blesses I am here

The Word of God is a life-builder #cebZ3mcc #NOBBENINZONE3

The word is my life #NOBBeninzone3 #cebz3mcc

I can confidently entrust my life to the Word #cebZ3mcc #NOBBENINZONE3

Our joy is to see your joy you the best and placing you on top is our priority...putting smiles on your face is our hobby..

Ps126:2 "then our mouth was filled with laughter...

BLW partners worldwide to enjoy interactive time of fellowship with the man of God, Pastor Chris. LoveWorld News at

We are children of d convenant #cebz3mmc #NOBBENINZONE3

D greatest thing u could ever have in this world is d word. Always be excited about d word #cebz3mmc #NOBBENINZONE3

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