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Happy Birthday ma, We love you.

Happy Birthday ma, We love


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...Your praise ooo Lord shall forever be on my lips.#Thanksgiving #Midweekservice #21days #PrayingwithPstDee #Graciouslygrateful

COFI HOPE RELIEF MISSION ALERT! Our Destinations: India, Nepal and Bangladesh Our Mission: Provision of Medical Aid and Relief support to victims of devastating Monsoon floods. The level of flooding that has been recorded in recent weeks across India and neighboring Nepal and Bangladesh has resulted in more than 300 deaths. It has also left many hundreds still missing. Access to clean potable water has been greatly reduced in affected communities and the risk of water borne diseases has increased as well as other health -related problems. The Volunteer Medical Corps, the Trauma Care International Foundation and the other COFI member agencies will be involved in this lifesaving mission. To sponsor medical and relief supplies to these displaced communities, please use the Kingspay Codes: VMC18 ($) BLVMC (N) or visit www.bit.ly/VMCGift For more information, please call: +2347089267186 #vmcorps

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To Chuku! To Chuku! K'uwa nur'olu-Ya! To Chuku! To Chuku! Ka madu dum nuria1 Biko, biakute Nna site na Jisos; Nye Ya otuto n'ok'ihe Ọ luru Praise the Lord, praise the Lord let the earth hear His voice... #Hymns

Happy Birthday ma, We love you

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