Gillian Ngwa.: HBD Dear Sis Monica!!🥳🥳 Thank on KingsChat Web

HBD Dear Sis Monica!!🥳🥳 Thank you for all u do for God and His church. Your consistency in the things of God is worth emulating. U dwell in strength & health as u celebrate many more blissful years. I love and appreciate you dearly Ma. #cecanada #cebramptonwest

HBD Dear Sis Monica!!🥳🥳 Thank HBD Dear Sis Monica!!🥳🥳 Thank HBD Dear Sis Monica!!🥳🥳 Thank

When we partner we are giving to solution. As we take healing to the nations 4.1 Billion wow incredible. We are forevevr victorious. #ukzone2 #Healingstreams


SUNDAY SERVISCE WITH PASTOR EUNICE THE WORD CONTINUATION!!! John 17:17. The word of God is Absolute truth. The truth is found in Christ, it is communicated in the house of God. Truth is a quality that is intrinsic with the nature of God. The faithfulness of God is the foundation of all truth. God expects us to walk and live in the truth. Men's opinion do not define the Christian. Your life is not defined by what others say about you but by what God says about you. What defines your wealth is the boundary of what your spirit can contain, not the money in your account. To walk in the word of God is to walk in the truth. 1st Peter 1:22- "...see that ye love one another with a pure heart fervently". #ceabakaliki #globaldayofprayer #PastorEunice

Your loveworld specials drama.. A time where God’s truth is revealed and you receive insights into mysteries and secrets of the times that we are in through the word of God Start Monday 12th-Friday 16th #yourloveworldspecials #cebristol #ukr2z4

SUNDAY SERVISCE WITH PASTOR EUNICE THE WORD!!!! Truth is not an opinion, neither is it subject to opinions; Truth is Absolute. In simple terms, truth is what God says. Science cannot tell the truth, because anything that has to be proven is not the truth. You can't based your truth on science. Truth is constant, it's unchangeable. Truth is that thing that is in conformity to the will, the mind and the character of God. Truth isn't about what is working, a lot of things are working that is not the truth. Truth isn't what makes you feel good, it is not what the majority believes. 1st Timothy 3:14-15. The church of the living God; the house of God, is the ground and the pillar of truth. #ceabakaliki #globaldayofprayer #PastorEunice


#HappeningNow 📌 Esteemed Zonal Director Ministering 👉 #CELVZ #SundayService#MonthOfTruth #TheYearOfPreparation

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Hbd Prince Emmanuel!!!

Absolutely good, absolutely kind, Lord you’re wonderful 🎼🎼 “O give thanks to the Lord for he is Good” #cebristol #ukr2z4

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