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#mydeclaration The gospel of Jesus Christ is prospering in the hands of my family & I. My kids are outstanding in Jesus name. Amen

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Supernatural changes

I declare that salvation comes to all connected to me; family, village, city, state and country is saved in Jesus name. #mydeclaration

I am one over whom Jesus is Lord. #Mydeclaration

I declare that the word of God is increasing, prevailing and producing the desired results in all facets of my life .#mydeclarations

Through me millions are coming to Christ #mydeclaration

#mydeclaration I care not for my needs for God is all to me in all the way, I have Christ Jesus; I've got it all! All things are mine. Amen!

Eternal Life is at work in me, building & perfecting me. Sin & Death are judged for my sake! I've got the Life of God in me!! #mydeclaration

Patience Akpobome I am favoured always n so d lord is causing me 2 pass my nurse practitioner licence exam in my coming exam #mydeclaration

The Kingdom prospers and expands under my watch as I daily minister the Word under the anointing of the Holy Spirit. #mydeclaration

I am supernatural,I refuse to remain were i am and no matter what happens things will turnout for my own good#mydeclaration

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