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Speaking in other tongues Minister of the Gospel Teens take over #HBPstMtho

Speaking in other tongues Minister

I am the seed of Abraham. #cebz3megacelloutreach #cebeninzone3

When teens are making hits #Music #GoodThings Life of the Chosen #HBPstMtho

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The Lord is saying to us all in warri zone Nigeria,that we are packing out the venue with souls by the holyghost# ce church2 #warrizone

You weren’t created to live an average life; you were created to excel. #cebz3megacelloutreach #cebeninzone3

In prayers arrest your mind;change your thoughts and emotions# ce church2 #warrizone

When your roots go down deep, you’re not moved by what doesn’t go your way. You operate from a place of peace. #cebz3megacelloutreach


Don’t live on the surface, bothered by everything that doesn’t go your way. Go down deeper. Start ruling your spirit. #cebz3megacelloutreach

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