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When it is your father's Birthday #PLO1031

When it is your father's When it is your father's

An Answered Prayer. I celebrate you today and always Sir. Happy Birthday Sir🌟 #PLO1031 #PLOHighFlyer

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Celebrating an anointing, a bundle of success, the word bearer, a shinning light on this special day, Oct. 31st. Thank you sir, for so much impact in just a short time. #CARLE 1031 #CE Asaba #SEVZ 2

#celebratingmyadvantage #CARLE1031 #SEVZ2 #ceasaba

Happy supernatural birthday mum I love you thank you so much mummy happy birthday

Happy Birthday Beautiful Mother.

Still celebrating our esteemed Zonal Pastor, thank you sir for all you represent. Its a new year of MEGA accomplishments for the Lord. #PLO1031 I love you sir

Blessed Father, I thank you for your glory and righteousness in my life! I’m making progress with giant strides; I’m excellent, and full of glory. Your Word is working mightily in me, causing me to prosper in all I do, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. #Instruction #Supernatural

I have the life and nature of God; therefore, I live in dominion over sin, satan and death! Christ is my life; divinity is at work in every fiber of my being. My health is sustained by the presence of the Holy Spirit in my body. Hallelujah! #Instruction #Supernatural

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