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Nights of Revelations and Miracles. #christembassyabakaliki2#NORMA

Nights of Revelations and Miracles.

He will do it again. Happy birthday my Mama Ju

Happy Birthday to a wonderful, unique & exceptional sister, personality & excellent helper of war. I celebrate with you today & always #JBE

Nights of Signs and Wonders.#Christembassyabakaliki2#NORMA

#ConnectedNow #YourLoveworld #thankGodForPastorChris

COUNT UP less than 48hrs to go #ceabavo #ceagbor #sevz1

There is a move of the Holy spirit and a time of impertation It's Super Sunday with our High Esteem Zonal Pastor Tony Aderoja.Don't miss it

Time to Conquer, Time to take up More Territory.....It's TIME!!!!! #WordAlive #PstJide #CeYork #CeCanada #AmAlive

YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS DAY 3 (EVENING SESSION ) "I see our platforms as an ark... they are all meant for the preservation of God's people." "Pastor, a day is coming when they will see the importance of what you are saying." - Pastor Deola Phillips "Build platforms for the Gospel because a day is coming when the worldly platforms will shut out the Church." "This is the time for the Church to use its power. WE ARE NOT WEAK, WE'VE GOT TO WAKE UP AND TAKE ACTION!" "Why is it that the world can take action against the Church and the Church doesn't take action against them? The generation of the Church that will take action is coming and it's growing fast!" - Pastor Chris #YourLoveWorld #cephzone1

I have eternal life , it's my present hour reality #yourloveworld 1John 5:13

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