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Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

#mydeclaration, the word of God is prevailing in nation of Rwanda.

#prayingnow #Canada #mydeclaration I declare that Mr Salami and all my relatives not yet saved are receiving their salvation in Christ Jesus. They are snatched from darkness to light in Jesus name. Glory to God.

#prayingnow #nigeria #ceuromi

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

Its reachout USA 2018.......a supernatural impact with Our Messenger Angel #ROUSA2018 #texasregion #cehoiston

#prayingnow #NWVZ2 #MyNigeria #Mydeclaration

#prayingnow #usavz2 #CEW

The blessing of God is active in my spirit and has made me rich, and there are no sorrows attached. Hallelujah!!! #mydeclaration

MY FAITH'S PROCLAMATIONS - DAY 4 THURSDAY 7TH JUNE 2018: " The anointing is on me. I'm born into it. I move in it, I flow in it. It's all over me. I am a child of the anointing. I think high thoughts, I have ideas, I'm anointed. I'm a problem solver, I'm a solution bringer. Whatsoever I do prospers, because of the anointing that is upon me.Hallelujah! I refuse to be poor. I refuse to be sick. I refuse to be defeated, because I'm what God says I am. I'm born again, I'm a new man in Christ, with a Christ Consciousness. I know who I am. I have the life of God in me, in every fibre of my being, in every bone of my body. I have the life of God in me. Hallelujah! " Remember to post your faith declarations and comments on Kingschat today, using the hashtags #mydeclaration #cephzone3 #Nigeria Post also your testimonies with the hashtag #PrayerMonthTestimony

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