charles ikechukwu: #Mydeclaration My family and i on KingsChat Web

#Mydeclaration My family and i we hv overcome all the financial and health challenges we'v being through.

#mydeclaration I am a billioner I pay my tithe in billions I am a money making person Everything I touch produce money

The Word of God prospers in my life and fulfill in me what it talks about. #mydeclaration

As Christ Jesus is, so am i in this world. I have the life Christ #mydeclarations #yearofthesupernatural

#MyDeclaration This month is my month of receiving abundance of money. Everything that comes out of my mouth is manifested in Jesus name.

I declare and decree that with my tongue I change any situation and turn things around to work in my favour. #MyDeclaration

#mydeclaration Je fleuris surnaturellement dans mon ministère et je battis une nation de géants spirituels.Le monde entendra parler d'eux.

#MYDECLARATION... I am like a tree planted by the river, my leaves are evergreen.

A perfect heart and a willing mind Kingdom finance &church growth and expansion Gods speed with wealth Divine health #prayerweek

I declare that Nigeria is a better place for we the Christian,supernatural health to my body#my declaration #Nigerian #CPHZONE3

Am lifted above want and lack in the name of Jesus. Am moving forward as my business explodes by his power. Am so so blessed and prosperous.

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