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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our Dear Gov; Pst Ali And Sis Freda Obruche Of The Haven Zone C . Congratulations!! We love and appreciate you From all of us in The Haven Nation. #HavenZoneC #TheHavenNation

Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our
Jason Godwin


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Happy birthday Pastor Ma. Indefatigable Pastor Ma. With you I know all things are possible. I celebrate God's strength,joy, wisdom,love,grace, abundance,and abilities in you. I love you ma'am.

*Greetings Esteemed Pastors/Ministers of the Gospel! * EVER INCREASING FAITH Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. By hearing the Word of God everyday our faith is increasing to push on and March forward in every area. The more you hear, the more the Word is getting rooted into you. Our Man of God , Pastor Chris has been teaching the Word for years and stirring up faith in the saints of God to live a supernatural joyful, healthy and wealthy life to serve God's will. Glory to God! Thank God for Pastor Chris! Hallelujah! Please do follow these Platforms for more information and updates IG: @hspmnetworks IG: @mvpwithpastorchris KingsChat:@hspm #healingtothenations #enterthehealingschool #rhapsodyofrealities #eternallifeinchrist #divinehealthconfessions #JesusChrist

Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our Dear Gov. Goabamong And Sis. Thato Seforo Of The Haven Zone E4. Congratulations!! We love and appreciate you From all of us in The Haven Nation. #HavenZoneE4 #TheHavenNation

Pastor ma, I love you so very much. You are the best of the best, thank you for the sacrifices you made for us and for the kingdom. You are excellent in all things.

Celebrating Our Dear Gov Ngozi Ogbua Of The Haven Zone D1. Happy Birthday!! We love and appreciate you. From all of us in The Haven Nation. #HavenZoneD1 #TheHavenNation

TODAY'S CONFESSION FROM ROR My participation in the Gospelโ€”my passion for its spread around the worldโ€”remains indomitable. God has called me and given me a divine mandate; I maintain my focus, and Iโ€™m committed to that calling, compelled by the love of Christ to do the things that I should do on earth, in Jesusโ€™ Name. Amen. #MyMonthOfThanksgiving #FatherThankYou #fatheramgrateful

You are worthy. Why? Because God never creates something worthless.

Happy birthday of perfection dear Sis. Ngozi Your dedication and commitment to God's kingdom can not be overemphasized. Therfore it's my prayer that God will continually increase the works of your hands and bless you beyond your comprehension #cephzone2 #ceabuloma

EXTRACTS FROM TODAY'S ROR ....Nothing else will make sense to you in this world, except the things of Christ. With the Word of God in your spirit, and coming forth from your mouth, you can serve the Lord faithfully and bring Him glory now, and in the ages to come.... #MyMonthOfThanksgiving #FatherThankYou #fatheramforevergrateful

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