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What Men Calls promotion is different from what GOD calls promotion. I Choose the better road there's a better way, I Choose to walk with the Holy Ghost, when you walk with the Holy Ghost you will be amazed.😃🙌🏾 #BlwCampusMinistryRocks #BLWSAZONEA #WordDrive #a30DaysStuyOnPcdl

Our daily food #GodsWord #WordDrive #blwcampusministryrocks™️ #PCDL #PastorChrisGeneration #blwcampusministryworddrive #blwzonej

So In Our lives except and unless we recognize what He has given us we will never walk in it, how do you know what GOD calls Glory? What Men Calls Glory is different from what GOD calls Glory!? 🤔😇🙇🏾‍♂️ #BlwCampusMinistryRocks #BLWSAZONEA #WordDrive #a30DaysStuyOnPcdl

HAPPENING NOW!!! "Gloryyyyyy! The highly esteemed Chairman of the steering Committee, Pastor Mary Owase is live on set. 'Testimonies are pouring in from around the world! We don't give up! We win the fight! Log on now to participate on Stay tuned to this Superuser for more updates! #lln24hoursonlineprayer #lln #loveworldladiesnetwork

Happy birthday to a unique Man of God, Zonal Pastor, Pastor Tayo. Thank you for loving us the way you do. God bless you, Sir.

Live Participants at the LoveWorld Ladies Network 24 Hours Online Prayer Conference - CE Yola Viewing Centre #llnconferences #lln #ceyola #nnez1

*THE GRAND FINALE ..* *Time :7PM TO 8PM* All BSGs, Cells, Departments and everyone , lets come together for the Grand Finale. USE BELOW ACCESS LINK: **

ISM REUNION ISLANDS SENIOR CELL LEADER, PASTOR JEANNICK MEDOR, WELCOMES DELEGATES FROM THE 24 COMMUNES OF REUNION ISLANDS TO THE ISM MINISTERS ONLINE CONFERENCE 2021! The esteemed Chairman of the Organising Committee and Senior Pastor of Communaute Evangelique Prophetique, Reunion Islands, Pastor Jeannick Medor, welcomed ministers of the Gospel, connected online from the 24 communes of Reunion Islands, to the ISM Ministers' Online Conference, Reunion Islands, 2021. In his inspiring address, Pastor Jeannick specially thanked the man of God, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome DSc, D.D., and the Director of the International School of Ministry, Pastor Deola Phillips, for the opportunity to organise, yet again, an impactful ISM Ministers' Online Conference in the Islands, this year. Watch this space for more updates on the ISM Ministers' Conference, Reunion Islands! #ism #happeningnow #ismregionalconferences  #internationalschoolofministry #MonthofGrace #February #ReunionIslands

Some people are empowered to Build, once they start Pastoring a Church & Some will buy one that is already exstsing different ways. What Am I trying to say Don't look at other people to judge your road don't worry #BlwCampusMinistryRocks #BLWSAZONEA #WordDrive #a30DaysStuyOnPcdl

Loveworld Ladies 24hrs Online Prayers! Making Tremendous Power Available.

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