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Imelda’s Toll in Texas: Flooding, Deaths and Fears About a Bridge The storm unexpectedly dropped 43 inches of water in a pocket south of Beaumont, making it the seventh wettest tropical cyclone in United States history.

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A Ghost Town and Hot Springs: An Eastern Sierra Road Trip Friday: An itinerary for an adventure in the mountains and lakes of California. Also: A profile of the activist Ady Barkan, and a Silicon Valley telltale heart.

Bill de Blasio Drops Out of Democratic Presidential Contest Mr. de Blasio, the New York City mayor whose campaign was seen as a long shot and often described as quixotic, never gained traction.

How to Cool a Planet With Extraterrestrial Dust A study of fossil meteorites suggests that a distant asteroid collision once sent Earth into an ice age.

What Will My Grandchild Remember? When we think about what we leave behind as grandparents, we hope we will have transmitted lessons about kindness, justice, strength and confidence, the boundless nature of love.

Cancer Patients Tell Us About Clothing for Changing Bodies “The stockings don’t look very good but I’ve decided to change my attitude about that and say they are chic,” one patient writes.

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