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Happy birthday my dearest mum, sister, friend, confidante, prayer partner, confessions partner, business partner and kingdom financier influencer. May God's Grace and wisdom continue to increase in you & this is the morning of yr life. I love you dearly. God bless you #LWOxford

Happy birthday my dearest mum,
Ada Michael Rich


Happy birthday my precious and highly esteemed Sis Phoebe. 🍰🍭🍬 You will continue to work in the truth of God's word. Congratulations dear.🎂🎂



👏 👏 👏... This is one birthday that is celebrated 😍 with effusive delight and joy Dear, Sister Phoebe Heavenly Father pre-planned loud successes for you. So declare God's word and walk into them in glorious procession. Bigger and greater! More fruit!



A very happy birthday celebration to our Kingdom Tycoon and wonderful Sis.



Dearest sis phoebe, you are highly lifted, favoured, graced and beautified by the glory of the father. I celebrated you woman of God and a pillar in the building of a magnificent house for papa. Excellence and perfection are your hallmark. You are a record breaker in all ways and indeed a great kingdom INFLUENTIAL. Thank you for being a part of our lives and we would forever be most grateful for the beautiful things that the lord has done and still to accomplish in your life. I thank God for given us the privilege to be part of your success story, of your INCREASE there shall be no end. We love you dearly and thank you for being there for us. Enjoy your new age my darling sister. The lord who has called you will forever keep you from falling till he comes. A very happy birthday WOG! Keep soaring higher.🧁🍾💫💞🍾🍾🍾🥰❤

Phoebe - Royalty 🎠


Seeing you soaring like the Eagle is the most awesome blessing from God, Thank You Ma x


#GO2INC More updates from Paiko community. The women and children were not left out. #GO2Inc #EndChildPovertyNow #EveryChildIsYourChild #abujazone #GraceLivesHere

📣📣📣It's today till Friday! DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM!!! Starting 5pm prompt! A glorious time of upgrading for greater exploits! #DTP2021 #equipingthesaints #cemidwestzone #Warrisouthgroup

Happy Birthday To Our Highly Esteemed Group Pastor. We Love you so so so much

📣📣📣It's today till Friday! DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING PROGRAM!!! Starting 5pm prompt! A glorious time of upgrading for greater exploits! #DTP2021 #equipingthesaints #cemidwestzone #Warrisouthgroup

Glory glory glory. Another opportunity for us ladies to make impact has come. Set Time for training for greater soul winning. It's Soul Winners Summit on Saturday in my Great Zone, #UKZone2 #CentralGroup #LWCentral

Raising leaders consciously😇😇 #fitnessforduty #blwukzonea #blwcampusministryrocksTM

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Wow! What A Meeting!🔥 I'm So Stirred In My Spirit & Ready More Than Ever To Propagate This Gospel🙌 My Workforce Is Increasing & The Lord Has Given Me Strategies To Go About The Work! I'm So Excited!💃🥰🌟 #fitnessforduty #blwcampusministryrocks #thethrivingchurch #blwzoneb

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