Pastor Rachel Adeoye: Making a mark that can on KingsChat Web

Making a mark that can NEVER be erased. #rousa2018 #texasregion #blwusagroup2

Making a mark that can

#CMDTOOGOODOH #EXCEPTIONALCMD Congratulations @iamilluminate @toebylhoba @tochukwunwigwe

#prayingnow #canada #mydeclaration I do not get sick!!!I am born of God, I have His life and nature in me. My body daily functions the way God designed it to function. I refuse to fashion my life according to the doctor’s report because my life is controlled by the Word of God.

Happy Birthday dear Pastor Ifeoma, a precious Sister and friend. It's from glory to glory for you. I love and appreciate you dearly.

We are saying thank you Jesus 🎤


#mydeclaration #Usa My words fruitful and productive, erecting deep and lasting changes for my good & for those in my sphere of contact!

Updated his profile photo

I bring sound judgement, I am a marvel to my world..I am an overcomer, more than conqueror. More grace #prayingnow #canada #declaration

There's a lifting power propelling me higher and higher. Am a woman of unquantifiable wealth and substance. Money serves me. Am a bundle of solutions to my world. Glory..... #mydeclaration

#prayingnow #ceyork #canada l testify, l am the workmanship of God. His wisdom is at work in me. Hallelujah!

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