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I prophesy! This is the morning of my life! I walk in pre-ordained paths! The lines of grace and favour are fallen to me in pleasant places! I have a goodly heritage! I can never be disadvantaged! I am mightily helped of The Lord! #prophecyandtestimonyweek #CEScarboroughGroup

I prophesy! This is the

WORDFEST 3 ( DAY 9) STUDY 🔥🔥 ♦️MESSAGE OF THE DAY: OUR CALLING TO GLORY How to Participate:- ✅ Watch today’s messages available for free on PCDL TV using this unique link: ✅ Download the Week 1 Study Guide, here ✅ Organise your Wordfest outreaches by taking this message to every home, Church, Office, Cell Meeting Venue, Cinema hall, Town hall etc. in preparing others to meet the Lord. ✅ Adopt or Sponsor A Language Translation on PCDL and expand the impact of these messages. Be sure to be actively involved and encourage others to do same. God bless you.🤗#WordFest2021 #WordFest3 #Wordatwork #watchonpcdltv #IHostAViewingCenter #WordFestOutreaches #ThankyouPastorChris #celagoszone2

PRAYATHON LIVE #pastorchrislive #cemidwestzone #ceiguosagroup

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ETERNAL LIFE: AN ORGANIC AND EXISTENTIAL ATTRIBUTE OF DIETY. #pastorchris #TheFavouredHaven #TheHavenZA5 #TheHavenNation #CELVZ #TheHaven #wordfest2021 #soundmatterandfaith #yourloveworld #prayingnow

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Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday to a Target breaker and an Illuminary 🍾🍾🎂🎂🎊🎊. I Love you Greatly Pastor Ma♥️♥️

Happy! Happy! Happy! Birthday to a Target breaker and an Illuminary 🍾🍾🎂🎂🎊🎊. I Love you Greatly Pastor Ma♥️♥️

I prophesy! Grace and Peace, Wealth and Abundance! Joy and Gladness are multiplied to me in Jesus name! I am blessed as I go out and come in! All that I require to fulfill my God ordained destiny is lavishly supplied to me!! I am blessed! I am a blessing! #CEScarboroughGroup

📺MONDAY MOTIVATION_ A BURNING AND A SHINING LIGHT🔆🌟 To have fire in your bones is to have the word of God burning inside of you, at this point you can not remain quiet you become a burning and shining light. Learn more in today's episode of Monday Motivation. #mondaymotivation #loveworldsat #lwsocialtv #loveworldsatsocialtv

I prophesy My light shines brightly in every place!!! Gloryyyyyy!!! I illuminate my world with the rich deposits of God’s Word and Graces in my life!!! #theblessedandthegreat #prophecyandtestimonyweek #CEScarboroughGroup

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