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Happy perfection birthday to my dear Benita. So caring and passionate. I join d host of heaven 2 celebrate & wish u a glorious happy birthday. The lines are falling unto u in pleasant places & more doors of wealth are open unto u in Jesus mighty name. Amen. I love you dear

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I Join the Host of Heavens to celebrate a Perfectionist, Her Smile Is 1000 MegaWatts, She is a world-class compere, She’s an Award winner and a highly influential. All hail Director Extraordnaire… Happy Birthday to a Phenomenal Pastor Rita. I love you Ma #PPR2304

Celebrating a leader with a heart of God,Graced leader,an excellent leader,a leader with so many colors,Thank you sir for your dedication and commitment in the ministry,Heaven rewards you abundantly, Happy Birthday My Esteemed Leader,your light💡shines everywhere .I love you Sir

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Wenesday 22-4-2020 service at ce village.#ewcaz4.#cevillage

💖💖💖Celebrating a Phenomenal Perfect Leader.Happy birthday to one of the Most Inspiring Boss in the World 🙆🙆You have the Biggest Heart in the World &Thank you ma for impacting us with the huge investment of your personality. I love you ma💕💕💕 #23ReasonsWhyiLovePPR #PPR2304

LIVE PRAYER SESSION FROM CHRIST EMBASSY OWERRI #SeZ1 #SERegion #stillpraying #pclprayerathon2020 #happeningnow #picturespeaks #ceowerri The Esteemed Regional Pastor reading the prayer points to the brethren before the commencement of the schedule Pastor Chris Live Prayer-A-Thon Prayer Session 7:00 - 7:15am(GMT+1)

Celebrating Excellence, the #PhenomenalPastorRita. Hear her hear wisdom.😍😍😍 Happy birthday Ma. I love you dearly. #PPR2304

LIVE PRAYER SESSION FROM CHRIST EMBASSY OWERRI #SeZ1 #SERegion #stillpraying #pclprayerathon2020 #happeningnow #ceowerri PRAYING NOW!!!!!

MY DAILY CONFESSIONS Thursday 23/4/2020 #saythiswithme I'M GOD'S HEADQUARTERS. The Holy Spirit lives in me in His fullness, therefore; I'm the headquarters of God's operations in the earth. I live with the consciousness of this reality, and I take advantage of His glorious presence in me. I'm fulfilling my destiny in Christ, demonstrating the glory, wisdom and excellence of divinity, bearing fruits of righteousness. I’m fully yielded to be built, edified, energized and strengthened by the Word, for a life of greatness, victory and triumphs. Through the ministry of the Word, and the Holy Spirit, my growth—spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially is evident; there’s an outburst of prosperity in every area of my life, to the praise and glory of your Name. Amen Download Cetunes mobile App on any of the links below, use the word 'excellence' as reference code to enjoy unrestricted access to Pastor Chris Teaching daily. 👇 Android http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.lw iOS https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cetunes/id1470300487?ls=1

Laughing and Perfection Agelessness Esteemed Pastor ma. I love you ma. #PPR2304 #loveworldchildrensministry

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