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Never known a man that loves Jesus the way he does #cesapele

Never known a man that

Happy Birthday to my Spiritual father, my life coach and my mentor. I'm forever grateful to God for bringing me to LW NATION. I LOVE U SIR

Happy birthday dear Dad. I love you dearly Sir!

Happy Birthday Sir, a Dad like no other. Thank you sir. I love the way you father me. I love so much. #dec7 #cemidwestzone #cenewbenin

Happy Supernatural Birthday Pastor Sir. I love you Sir.

Happy glorious birthday to you my father. Thank you for your simplified and amazing teachings that have taken us from GLORY TO GLORY. We love you endlessly. #dec7 #ceavz

I loooooooove you so very much Pastor Sir! The Best in the whole wide world! #Dec7 #StillCelebratingPastor #Father #Coach #Prophet

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Thank you for making the hope in Christ more visible to our generation Pastor Sir. Thank you for teaching us the undiluted word of God, and helping us see ourselves in the word #DEC7CAN #CECR

Wow! Happy Birthday Pastor Chris sir, we love you. This is Bro. Milonga from CE Lusaka 1. My mum and I went to visit a widow. What a day it was because she got born again! We talked to her about the word and gave her K200 as a gift. #BLWdayofservice2018 #cesazone3 #zambiagroup

Happy Super Birthday to my Father, Teacher, Life Coach & Prophet. Thank you Pastor for teaching me the word of. I am who I am because of you. I Love Sir.....

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