Emmanuel buaka: No lateness we wil b on KingsChat Web

No lateness we wil b ontime baam #CeAccraGhanaZone #TECC #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #Historymaking #Kingsklass

No lateness we wil b

Gloooooooooooryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC

Am on my way to Cape Coast #HistoryMaking #TECC #TotalExperienceCapeCoast

It's been while since the last time I truly danced bt thank God, I've got plenty of reasons to this Sunday. Kabayeeee!! #celebratingPCO2304

At 4pm this Saturday, "there's no other place you'll rather be" other than the Cape Coast Stadium!!!!!! #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC

Happy birthday Sis Tobisa. You re a city set on an hill cannot be hid. Thanks for all you do in our BLW Nation. We re celebrating with you.

I am Ahead oooo #CeAccraGhanaZone #TECC #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #Historymaking #Kingsklass

I will be where God wants me to be and that is Cape Coast #HistoryMaking #TECC #TotalExperienceCapeCoast

Happy birthday bro Wole. ... you are always very joyful and I copied it.. Thank you for been a big brother and a helper in the house!! I❤U

I'm excited!!!! #TotalExperienceCapeCoast #TECC on my mind!

The ‘Easter Convention’ organised by CE Enugu 1 was a plethora of activities including Foundation School Graduation, Cell Ministry Awards & Partnership Awards. The period in review was the 1st quarter of this Year of Flourishing and many were stirred towards increased participation in the 2nd quarter and rest of the year. The Foundation School which commenced its classes for the 2017 session in February graduated 144 students. In his address to the students, the pastor of CE Enugu 1, the esteemed Pastor Ikenna Chiemeka charged them ‘to keep the word of God and the message of the ministry in their hearts and also to be passionate soul winners, to make disciples of the nations, bringing forth fruits unto eternal life’.

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