WEALTHY UDOM-ABASI: #GlobalcommunionwithPastorChris While the Healing on KingsChat Web

#GlobalcommunionwithPastorChris While the Healing school clip just commence, the Word of the Spirit bubble in my heart, saying "the Healing School is our Stock Exchange". Invest in it, it never fails.

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Glory to God

#Accraghanazone #FaceofRogha2019 #MissRogha #Contestant2

The Future is next, I am the Future. I am next.

#Accraghanazone #FaceofRogha2019 #MissRogha #Contestant2

What's next? I am.

#Accraghanazone #FaceofRogha2019 #MissRogha #Contestant2

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Watch the August Edition of Pastor Chris Live http://cloveworld.org/news?v=5d46bb1659e464sk6d5z7muyh v=5d372687a04der4fwi1kl30nq You can download the cloveworld mobile app from the App Store  itunes.apple.com/ng...  also Google Play Store https://goo.gl/Zww1Ap #LTMNetworks #Cloveworld

Happy Birthday Bro Promise of the Most High God. The economist of God with a difference Thank you for your commitment for the work of the Ministry. Continue to make progress in all that you do. Happy Birthday

Esteemed Sister @dunai I celebrate you as the FOURTH MAN on my campus. Thanks for ensuring I accepted the message according to the LoveWorld Nation back on campus. Thanks for making my life better than you meet me and making me aspire to your inspiration. Happy Birthday Dear.


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