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what are man of love that God has for me #CESOUTHSUDAN#eavz3

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God bless my nation Nigeria for granting us his apostle like Chris, adeboye and ..... list them

The lord is the strength of my life #auxano #blwzone

Happy Birthday to my sweet and amiable Deaconess Amaka. Thank you for all that you do in ministry, especially CE Warri Zrone. I love you ma

I serve a living God who is able to RESTORE. The God of Restoration is my Father. Glory to His Name forever. #PrayerAndRestoration

Noah s day of Dedication. 5th of June, 2016. Thank you to Pastor Mahad. Glory to God. alehuiah!

It's not about what they is about what we have for them...#ecwavz5 #cenunguagh

I love My Pastor #HWACmdandPbeccaSevenYears #blwZoneC #blwcampusministryrocks

30days =30souls to be won for Jesus. followed up and retained by the power of the Holy Ghost. Am in for a great time. 29 to go.

My mind is unlimited in its potential..aah to creat.. oh boy! to creat whatever- not some, aaaaall things i desire. wonderful! #cesouthsudan

Thank you Lord

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