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Follow me I will make you... The word makes you a made man. #thewordalive #ceyork #pstjide

Follow me I will make

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#unforgettableexperiencesrilanka #Ukzone1.


Thy word is Truth... you want to know the truth about any matter... #thewordalive #ceyork #pstjide

THE LORD HAS DONE IT! Isaac Esuarko from Germany Shares: "Since I became a sponsor of the Messenger Angel my life has been moving upward and forward only. I posted a prayer request on the Rhapsody Prayer Network for an unending triumph in my place of work in Berlin Germany and the Lord has done that since then. Today, I have signed a contract that the company is not only going to take care of my tuition fees but also pay me well alongside! Glory to God! It's Time for Answered Prayers! JOIN US THIS EASTER SUNDAY FOR OUR MONTHLY DAY OF PRAYER, AS WE PRAY AND GIVE: #monthlydayofprayer #prayandgive

3 DAYS TO THE FIRST HEALING SERVICE The Healing School Autumn Session is in full swing, and we are counting the days and hours to the first Healing Service of the Session where our man of God, Pastor Chris through God's Spirit would bring life, joy and restoration to thousands with a touch and by a Word. Partnering with the Healing School is being a part of making this possible; it's showing seeds that cause praise and thanksgiving to overflow from countless homes to the Lord. Dear Partners, you are the real world changers! Many hopeless cases are counting on can make a big difference today! God bless you. #healingschoolpartners #ceabujazone

#TieConferenceUk2018 #CMDinUK #blwukzonea #blwukzoneb #blwcampusministryrocks #TieConferenceUk2018 #PastorChikeUme

#TieConferenceUk2018 #CMDinUK #blwukzonea #blwukzoneb #blwcampusministryrocks #TieConferenceUk2018 #PastorChikeUme

Updated his profile photo


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