Iya Ishuwa: IPPC and LIMA was a on KingsChat Web

IPPC and LIMA was a mind blowing, breath taking, unforgettable lifetime experience, filled with the power of the Holy spirit, God's word, Worship, Praise etc

IPPC and LIMA was a IPPC and LIMA was a IPPC and LIMA was a IPPC and LIMA was a

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LIVE IN WARRI MINISTRY CENTRE - IPPC IN YOUR CITY, DAY 2 Another Inspiring SUPER SESSION with the Esteemed Pastor Biodun Lawal - Faith For More. 💎 Rev 2:25 Hold fast to what you have. Multiply what God have given to you. You have the grace to do it. Give thanks.The grace of God accrue to you this year, don’t lose it Rev 3:6-11 💎 Affirm (accept and confirm) to the truth that you have been thought. 2 Tim 1:13. That which the Lord has entrusted/commited to you are words. we write words into our hearts with our mouth. Titus 1:9. Phil 2:16. 💎 Be clear and maintain the confession of your faith. Heb 4:14 The lord Jesus is the high priest of our confessions, looking onto Jesus the author and finisher of our Faith! I can do all thing through Christ that strengthens me. By what law? - By the law of faith! Heb 2:3, Heb 10:23 💎 Keep your confidence and rejoicing. Faith requires rejoicing. Be full of Joy! Rejoice in the spirit. Heb 3:6, 14 maintain your confidence! Maintain your rejoicing! Have a sense of triumph! 💎 Do and continue in good works. Be rich in good works. Be zealous in good words. Be provoked into good works Heb 10:24 💎Believe and accept the declaration of our man of God 2 chronicles 20:20 Glory!! We are permanently provoked onto good works! #Iamprovoked #Ippcinyourcity2019 #warriministrycentre

#ROR #don'tworry #abouttitles #ourmonthofblessings #blessingsconscious THE VISION &THE MISSION IS NOW SET OUT, IN MOTION, & ON TIME Indeed, the vision is ... for the appointed time. It longs for fulfillment & will not prove false. Wait ... it will not be delayed. #hab2v3

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Happening Now @ CE Lagos Zone 4 IPPC IN YOUR CITY Special talk Show session on the effective use of the Soul tracker app #IPPCIYC #IPPC2019 #CELZ4AWARDS #CELZ4

💥Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Dave Oyewumi (Group Pastor, CE Edmonton)💥 We celebrate your relentless faith and loyalty to our dear man of God, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. We celebrate a passionate soul winner and say thank you for being a pillar in the house of God. Thank you for your zeal and impact in the Region. Your testimonies of triumph have inspired many and will continue to do so even in this year of the Lights. We love you dearly!

MyPastorSaid Those who are mindful of this generation are custodian of the generation #PJOE25 #MyPastorSaid #SonofPastorChris #GraceismyFather #CELZ4

We have arrived!! 🥰🥳 Pastor Ose's birthday celebration loading.... #cesazone4 #pose1115

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