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God bless you sister andrea for doing the work of God. Indeed you are wise.


Congratulations to Dcn Middleton Chikowore for outstanding results with your Special Outreach Fellowship! #ICLC2017 #cesazone5

Congratulations to our highly esteemed CEO ❤️🌷🤗 #flourishingceopyk

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Flourishing luxurantly none stop. Glory. #Ceobohia/omokugroup/cephzone3.

I was there live MYPRC/ICLC 2017 with Rev. Chris. Lagos Nigeria

Total Experience Absu Blw Zone F. Euaggellion region.

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Congratulations To My Exceptional Director!!! On the commendation awards for children's ministry GLORYYYYYYYY🤣🤣🤣 I ❤YOU MA

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