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Happy birthday dearest Pst Sheks. . I celebrate your exceptionalism Yov"ve been exalted. I love you dearly ma.

Celebrating Love, grace and excellence. Happy flourishing birthday Pastor Sir. #pai2017 #ewcavz4 #Phronesis


Happy birthday granddad we love you,Zara and Chloe Eribo.

#IPPC DAY 1 l am focused and diligent ,Knowledge ,Skills and right Attitude towards my calling is my everyday Life Fullfilling the calling

IPPC Day1,Kingdom conciousness of a Pastor.Diligent.


Happy Birthday our beloved, highly esteemed regional Pastor #PAI2017EAVZ3 #PAI2017


Hbd to the best Dad ever,thank you pastor sir,for me I celebrate you everyday .Ngy Eribo

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