CE USA REGION 2: Happy Birthday Deaconess Catherine Nwileh-Ibeagha on KingsChat Web

Happy Birthday Deaconess Catherine Nwileh-Ibeagha We Love You Dearly #CEUSAREGION2 #cechicago

Happy Birthday Deaconess Catherine Nwileh-Ibeagha


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Makarios Edy


Happiest glorious birthday dearest Dcns Catherine May God bless your new age more grace LLNP IJN😍 🎂🍾love you dearly 🤗😍

Anthony Kenner


Happy & Blessed Birthday Dear Sister!

Pastor Cyril D Blessed


Happy birthday dcns, I celebrate your new age and it's from glory to glory.



Happy birthday!

Pastor Boma


Happy Birthday Deaconess Catherine. More grace, more grace. ❤️

Grace, Grace, Grace has located us!

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“I’m alive to my divinity.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

The World works


Celebrating my highly esteemed Pastor Sir!!! Indeed it is the month of Grace!! #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

6. Important to note that our venue was Actually beside the masquerade shrine...but we chanted the name of Jesus and spoke in tongues right on top of our voices. Then some men in Black clothes arrived, carrying canal weapons of warfare... #CELVZYouthChurch #StreetInvasion2021

A man with an excellent spirit... Pastor Airen #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

CELEBRATING GRACE, LOVE, HUMILITY, BEAUTY, WISDOM & THE EFFULGENCE OF PERFECTION💕 Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Lorraine. I love you dearly & admire your dedication in ministry. Thank you 4being THE standard. #Rejoice 💕 #HBD #Cecanada #CEToronto #Monthofgrace #Cebramptoneast

“Whatsoever god does, nothing can be added, nothing can be taken away.”💡 #PA0902 #blwukzonea #KingingPastor

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