BRO JAPHET .A. IWOKURA: Updated his profile photo on KingsChat Web

Updated his profile photo

Updated his profile photo

L’impact de la Parole et de la puissance de l’Esprit étaient au rendez-vous lors de #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE en présence du Secrétaire Général Pasteur Kay A.

Humari jaan bhee mang lete to..... Koi gam nahi tha.... But tumne to ???????????

Get The Truth on Fundamental Principles of Christianity and Service in Ministry!  Take advantage of this opportunity, learn uncommon truths and receive accurate knowledge on fundamental Principles of Christianity and Ministry service at the ongoing 2020 ISM Online Session and it's absolutely free! #ism #PastorChris #Perfection

U know Tumne bola leave me......... Suno....... Humne tumko kya humne to ..... Jeen hee chhod diya 💔💔💔💔💔💔

With our hearts opened and ready to receive the undiluted Word of God. We have been upgraded during #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE in #WEUZ2

Updated his profile photo

It was indeed a TOTAL EXPERIENCE, with over a hundred new converts and Firsttimers. France has stepped up. New levels of #PERFECTION #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE #WEUZ2

It’s Day 2 on the special perfection edition of our 8 days of Meditation. Remember to get your friends and loved ones to join.  #8dom2020 #2010theyearofperfection #CEJOSGOH#NCZ1 #Nigeria

God promotes with provision attached to the promotion. So be at ease, focus and take heed to His instructions and guidance. Do not try to make things happen on your own because that will weary you, lead you to frustration and the painful...

STRIVING FOR THE SALVATION OF 578 MILLION SOULS... We are committed to re-shaping the narrative in the Arabic world by restoring the dignity of human lives, with the Gospel - infiltrating camps and Christianizing vicious radical gangs. Would you come with us? #MENAInvasion

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