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HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Brother Nd. XxX

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dearest Brother Nd.

Just feeling fine

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Gallant and vibrant soldier in Christ Jesus, Dcns Esther, your works live on. Thank you so much for the glorious times of fellowship. #ukzone2

It's happening , the rhapsody session .It's amazing to know that IT'S IN YOU. #LWradio #hlcph #hlcph2019

Am a light in the midst of darkness My light shines every where 👐👐👐👐💕💕 #IsraelStrong #ThisSongHasBlessedMeSoMuch

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Updated his profile photo

This system is paying people $100 for every $1 they invested in it, it's only $2 to join ,no recruitment needed. https://nanobit.club/?sponsor=cistus


Station Commander =SC Constable = Cons SC= Cons I got new orders for you Cons= sir what are my new orders? SC= clear the Highway on Thursday the 14th till Monday 18th, #blwsazone will be heading to the AOG camp site. Cons: Will do sir #luminariescamp19 #lmcp2019 #blwsazone

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