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Fly from Lagos-Winnepeg return, from

Celebrating a lover of God! Happy birthday dearest Sister, thank you so much for all you do for us in C.E Asari Eso group. God bless you openly and abundantly and give you greater victories in this new year. I love you super 💞 #teamcalabarrocks #calmc

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Fly from Lagos-Toronto return, from 17 Dec - 24 Dec, for as low as N548k. Book here on Cloudsurfers

Many top online shopping sites could easily fall victim to this security threat Nearly a third of popular shopping websites are at risk from BEAST SSL vulnerability.

Baidu Maps could have leaked details of millions of users Baidu Search Box and Baidu Maps, collectively downloaded by more than six million users in the US alone, have been leaking data.

You re Heal in Jesus Name Health is Yours #dhconfessions #faithproclamations #healingtothenations #CEJOS #CEGOMBE #CEMINNA #GOH #NCZ1

Plus que 4 jours, célébration de Notre Estimé Gov.Diacre DJOKI EWANE, Gloire, nous t'aimons et l'apprécions beaucoup beaucoup. #Ewcaz4 #TheHavenNation #2811 #Cameroon #TheYearOfPerfecion #DDE #ZoneE7 #CEDouala #TheMonthOfPraise

I am full of grace and the glory of the most high radiates through me. I am a life giver.

Happy Birthday Amazing Sis. Cindy! We celebrate your excellence, your passion for soul winning, your ardent followership of the vision and all you do for CE Largo PFCC and the house of God. Have a perfect year.! We love and appreciate you dearly.

Illustration I did for @rhapsodydevotional of 17th October, 2020. Topic: "Follow the Word, not your feelings". #art #illustrations #rhapsodyofrealities

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