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Happy birthday to the Esteemed Sis Afua♥️ As you enter into a new year in your life,you enter into a newness of grace,favour,ability, wisdom, divine health and prosperity. It will be said of you that you are a well watered garden, the blessed of the Lord. We love you dearly ♥️

 Happy birthday to the
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Happy birthday Sis Afua🎉🎂❤️🥳enjoy your day today and have a blessed day

PRAY FOR THE IMPACT OF THE GLOBAL MIRACLE FAITH SEMINAR 🙏 Acts 19:20 (J.B Phillips), “In this way the Word of the Lord continued to grow irresistibly in power and influence.” Pray that the impact of this program will result in the continued spread and expansion of our ministry to more nations of the world and that through our message, righteousness will prevail in the nations and territories of the world. Colossians 1:10,”That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” Pray that as a result of this program, every attendee would come to a place of spiritual maturity through accurate and precise knowledge of the Word that would be ministered. Declare that the will of the Father is prospering in their lives and that they walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God. #GMFS2021 #GlobalMiracleFaithSeminar #healingtothenations #healingstreamstv #healingstreams

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From the 14th to the 15th of May 2021. Join the program and get your faith strong and receive your long waited MIRACLE.

Happy Birthday dear Sis Victoria, an ambassador for our Lord Jesus!💖🎂🥳💯 The Lord is your exceeding great reward. In this month of Illumination,the Holy Spirit will do a new thing in you & cause your heart to be flooded with the light of God's word. I love you ❤️ #CEREDHILL

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Hello dear Believers in Ukraine Who wants to help me for free by correcting Pastor Chris's books in Ukrainian Language, please respond me. God bless you. Let's spread them out together to all people in Ukraine. This is a Christian book. Millions of people have been changed. My phone number +41787093762

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May 2nd just started for me.🥰❤😘 Excuse my display of Love & gratitude for someone whose impact in my life has been profound & I can't say Thank you enough.A million thank yous dearest ma for being the voice of the Lord & his hands of Love to all around you. I love😍U forever ma

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