Ali Blessing: Make an effort to act on KingsChat Web

Make an effort to act on God's word #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

If anyone ignores the word, there is no hope #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

You prayers should not be complain rather it should be request, definite request. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

Celebrating my sweetheart, my darling, my love, my husband, a gentleman to the core, loaded with the Word & with Wisdom. Happy B-Day honey💞

Without information, you can go very far, you will be angry with other people. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

CELEBRATING OUR PARTNERSHIP! #ToppartnerBelieversLoveworldUSA #Rhapsodyofrealitiee #IPPC2016 #BLWAwards #Celosangekes. We're spreading!!!

The born again human has joy in its recreated human spirit #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

Be careful not listen to your feelings or emotion. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

There is no part of your flesh that will feel like preaching. #IPPC2016 #cebeninzone3

SUNDAY SERVICE AT CE KENSINGTON WITH PASTOR MTHOBEKI What a glorious service Kensington church had with Pastor Mthobeki sharing on what grace does in a believer's life: 1.The grace of God gives you direction in everything. 2. Grace gives you the advantage no matter where you find yourself 3. Grace beautifies your spirit- the word shapes who you are. Prov 17:22 : Acts26:14 4.Grace make you unconquerable Numbers 23:23 Gen 12:3 5. Grace makes you a blessing to those around you. Gen 22:18

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