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#LoveworldCity changing lives, #loveworldcity giving peoples lives a meaning

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Jesus is Super Star in Ethiopia!!!!!! No One Like Him Jesus # Super Star JESUS # ETZ FOR JESUS #HORNofAfrica.

Sunday 1 May 2016 SAY THIS WITH ME… God's Word is working in my life and I prosper by the Word today, in everything I do. I lay hold on God's sure Word concerning my prosperity, joy, peace, divine health and progress; I'll never let go irrespective of the circumstances, for my testimony is sure. Praise the Lord!   #ConfessionsWithBLWIntlUK #DailyConfessions ___________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW International Office UK SuperUser account on Kingschat.  

Zone 1 is the best Zone in the world ...#ThisIsChristEmbassy #SouthernAfrica #LoveWorldCity - God's own city

Hallelujaaahhhh!!!! The Count down to the Birthday of The Most Highly Esteemed Chief Executive Officer of BLW Nation has began!!! Gloorrryyy

Glorious things happening, mind blowing testimonies! God is awesome in our mist.#cewojimodel.

loveworld city! God's own city#LMAM the best#8days of Glory!! I'm Did

"You are independent of the government of the land.There is no government that can make you rich, it doesn't matter what happens in the economy, you'll be above the land"(Pastor Biodun Lawal-Grand Finale, 8 Days Of Glory) #8daysofglory #tpoym #monthoflifting

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