God's girl. I'm Angel-Aluya: updated her profile photo on KingsChat Web

updated her profile photo

updated her profile photo

Leadership is the ability to see. #StaffWeek #CEAbujaZone

Purpose Driven Jane,I'm an Activist by nature,Calling and by the message of our ministry.Thank You Pastor Chris. #Cephzone2

The Abltily to do more has came...Glory to God #Staffweek 🙌💯🎓😀

Happy birthday to pastor Phil,who's convincing words of grace has brought the spread of Rhapsody to the authority and people of Shelfied

There is key in every message

I receive Ideas to move the ministry forward! #StaffWeek #CEAbujaZone

updated her profile photo

My boss is my advantage. #staff week 2016

We celebrate Christ in you. Thank you for believing the word of God and carrying out the vision. Happy birthday Pastor Ma. I love you dearly

Every message by Pastor is a key to unlocking an Idea. #StaffWeek #CEAbujaZone

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