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Happy birthday Sis Noma-India . Thank you so much for all what you do in the house of God. Keep on shinning, you're the light of the world. More grace.

Happy birthday Sis Noma-India .
Patiswa Ntsisana


Happy birthday Sis Indie . Stay blessed

Simphiwe Ntshinga


More and More Grace

Lukho Mtirara


Happy birthday Mom 😄🎂💈

nozuko mbana


Happy birthday Sis Indie.You're the child of light. God Bless you.

Ncedo Mvula


Happy birthday mighty woman of God..we aprr Happy birthday mighty woman of God..

To my hero of faith.. Happy Birthday Sir.. #PMO #cegiwaamu #cebeninzone1

Celebrating my living hero.. Happy Birthday Sir. #cegiwaamu #cebeninzone1 #PMO

Birthday loading..... An ardent follower of our Man of God.. The one that gives opportunity to Gods children.

Yes!yes!yes! Its my amazing dads birthday tomorrow. Feb 3rd!!!. Shout it!sing it! Dancing it!. Happy birthday Sir. #PMO #cebeninzone1 #nobgarrick #AmazingAmazingAmazing #iloveyoudaddy

First Fruits Service loading...tomorrow, 10am at CE Catford. See you there! #cecatford #ukvz1 #yearoflights #pastortayoojo

Happy New Year

Updated his profile photo

Video Excerpt 2 - The Holy Spirit


Happy supernatural birthday of lights to the February born

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