Hansen Singleton: As I daily affirm the on KingsChat Web

As I daily affirm the word, God's Spirit is causing circumstances and situations to align with God's plan and purpose for my life and my environment. #celebritychef


I'm commanded and empowered by the Holy Ghost to lay up gold as dust. #celebritychef

My spirit, soul and body are willing and obedient to the voice of the Spirit. #celebritychef

I do not get sick; I am born of God and I have His life and nature within me. #celebritychef

I walk in the light of my word and in the boldness of my Spirit. #celebritychef

My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; therefore, health and strength are mine. #celebritychef

I have the Life of God in me. And that life destroys every bacteria, virus and germs. #celebritychef

My prosperity knows no bounds! #celebritychef

I am unblameable! #celebritychef

My communication, actions, and all that emanate from me are expressions of the love-nature of Christ that is in my spirit. #celebritychef

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