Pastor Daba: I'm #givingthankstotheLord for blessing me on KingsChat Web

I'm #givingthankstotheLord for blessing me with the very best, my dear man of God, Rev. Chris Oyakhilone DSc, DD. I've been kept in the path of life by his teachings, guidance and love. Lord, I'm eternally grateful! #monthofblessingsinthanksgiving #countingmyblessings

I'm #givingthankstotheLord for blessing me
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Blessed be God for Pastor Chris! He is more than a man!



Very true, the teachings are my life line, gave my life a meaning and are my joy in Christ Jesus. Thank you Pastor Chris. I am so so grateful too.

🌟Pastor David {👑Priest}






You teach and inspire us all by your words and by your actions. Thank you for being our guide as we seek to be better servants of the Lord. Happy Birthday, Pastor. #CELZ1Wonderful #celz1rocks #Ikoroduisbig #PFA2019 #Dec3 #PFBA0312

#ChristMyNature #ChristMyCulture #Kingdommindset #teleios #thanksgivinginblessings

When I count my blessings, one of them is always you and your ministry. Thank you so much for saying yes to God’s call. Happy Birthday Pastor #CELZ1Wonderful #celz1rocks #Ikoroduisbig #PFA2019 #Dec3 #PFBA0312

#YourLoveWorld Praise-A-Thon with our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny Hinn!! Watch the Live Broadcast from Monday 9th December to Wednesday 11th December at 11am and 7pm GMT+2 on all Loveworld Networks Channels, Our stations Apps and on the Live TV Mobile App. Don’t Miss It For Anything!!! #yourloveworld #CELZ4

Happy birthday to Esteemed Dcn. Davidson Nwojo. Thank you for all you do in Onitsha zone. We love you dearly. #ceonitshazone #happybirthday

Happy Birthday, Pastor. It may not always seem like we appreciate you, but you have been such a blessing to our congregation. You have taught us what it really means to love God.. #CELZ1Wonderful #celz1rocks #Ikoroduisbig #PFA2019 #Dec3 #PFBA0312

#TALKINGSESSION 3RD DECEMBER. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your Word has imparted wisdom to my spirit and my mind is renewed to think at Your level; thoughts that are consistent with Your eternal purpose...

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Sir. Glory!!!!!!!!!!

Glorrrrryyyyyyy! Happy Golding Jubilee Highly Esteemed Pastor Sir. Thank you so much for your investment and Continue Prayers for me and my family. Pastor I love you Dearly Sir.


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