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Ignite is a verb that means to start heat or a flame. Trying to ignite a match inside a dark fireworks factory is a really bad idea — one that can get you blown sky high. The literal definition of ignite is to cause something to catch fire or burn. #igniteconference #flourishing #iflourish #ss1vz1

Ignite is a verb that Ignite is a verb that Ignite is a verb that

Rhapsody of Realities The Knowledge Is In Our Spirits Nothing can work to your disadvantage. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God….” Notice the phrase, “we know,” means that this isn't an assumption! The knowledge that we've overcome the world is in our spirits; we're more than conquerors and victors in Christ Jesus! It doesn't matter how dark, gloomy or shaky things get, we have inside information, knowledge beyond the senses that they'll surely turn out for our good! Hallelujah. #CEPHZONE1

FIRE CONFERENCE 2017 (MENDING THE NET) IS ONLY A DAY AWAY! ... Don't let those expectations fizzle out ... Get ready to be fired up for an early yet strong start ... Be ready for the great catch this year The flame must be fanned to spread! #CEPHZONE1

Mary thinking global. QR CODE Access Control via KingsChat! #DTP2017

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Sandra thinking global. QR CODE Access Control via KingsChat! #DTP2017

Good things always come

I know who I am. I'm a God-man, I'm God in human flesh.

He's coming back DeOla ft Israel Strong❤ where will you rather be? At the arriving of the Master. On repeat

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