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Happy birthday to a burning and shining light.

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www.enterthehealingschool.org/v/HSSMI #videooftheweek #healingtestimonies #hsinfluencers #healingtothenations

Happy birthday pastor sir. You are all together amazing sir. We love and appreciate you sir.

God has called you to a life of superabundance. Don't live an ordinary life. There's something better than getting healed; there's a life in Christ Jesus it's called the higher life. Hallelujah! 🙌🙌🙌#pastorchris #follow us @The_Auxesis for daily Uplifting excerpts from #pastorchristeaching #the_auxesis #pastorchris #pastorchristeaching #pastorchrislive #pastorchrisonline #loveworld #prayathon2020 #prayingnow #monthofrecovery #newcreation

Divine Health Realities August 14th, 2020 _The Holy Ghost lives in me, and I in Him. Therefore, my life is supernatural and filled with unending victories, success, joy, and peace. I’m so grateful to be a partaker of the divine life! Now, all fear is gone and I’m full of faith, dominating my world and maintaining my victory in Christ, in Jesus’ Name. Amen._

You are invited #LoveandLaughter2020 #innercitymissions #CEJOSLL #GOH #NCZ1 #everychildisyourchild

Wow! Happy flourishing birthday to a loving, passionate soul winner, erudite teacher of the Word, we love so dearly sir! From all of us @ CE Zamfara

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www.enterthehealingschool.org/v/HSSMI #videooftheweek #healingtestimonies #hsinfluencers #healingtothenations

SET THEM UP FOR A GLORIOUS LIFE IN GOD! Brighten the hope of Health Workers & Refugees for the future. GIFT A BIBLE TODAY! Your gift counts! Gift Bibles at https://rhapsodybible.org/gift-a-bible/ Or via KingsPay using this code (BIBLE) #giftabible #bibleisno1 #rhapsodybible

CELEBRATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LABOURER, A DEDICATED SOLDIER, A PASSIONATE MINISTER - OUR VERY DEAR ESTEEMED PASTOR AUSTIN AIMIOKUN Truly Heaven rejoices over you today; the angels applaud in celebration of your exploits in the Kingdom of our God; the rainbows are stirred, awakened to display their colours, celebrating one who has given all, changed many lives, lifted the hearts of many, and daily bears in his heart the care of all the saints. Thank you for loving the work and giving it your all. Thank you for planting trees of righteousness. You are a true helper of the war, and the Kingdom has advanced forcefully through your years of selfless service in ministry, and the years ahead are even greater. We celebrate your beautiful life, for the Lord has decorated you; His glory in your life is increased, and kings come to the brightness of your rising, for glorious things are spoken of you everywhere. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE YOU! #AbujaMinistryCentre

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