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Glory!!! #loveworldinternationaldayofservice #lagzone2 #ibaijanikingroup #ceisashi1

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... a man sent from God. Happy bornday Pastor Chris, you're a greater light, a wonder, a miracle worker and blessing to this world, especially to me! #Offer7 #CEMinna #NCVZ

Glory!!! #loveworldinternationaldayofservice #lagzone2 #ibaijanikingroup #ceisashi1

Happy birthday Pastor Sir

Happy birthday to a man sent from God for the unification of the body of Christ. I love you dearly SIR. Happy birthday once again to my man of God.

#Port Harcourt zone3 #cc2Group #Iboloji1 #outreach with allstars footballers #insight for men cell #champion cell #Agape cell

Happy birthday to my father my life coach...I wish you age with abundance of Grace.. thanks so much sir for beautifying my life, with awesome words Sir. Thanks allot sir .I love you sir..

Happy birthday to my pastor, my father, Life coach and great Teacher. You're indeed an Epistle of the Life of Jesus Christ. Thank you for your commitment in bringing the unity of the church of Jesus Christ and nothing can stop you. We're together in it with you sir.

Happy Birthday, Pastor Sir. My Teacher and my Mentor. I love you and celebrate you, Sir.

I love you Dad.The best Dad in the whole world thank you for giving my life a meaning.Happy birthday Sir

Happy Birthday Pastor! I love you.

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