Calcon Mayor: Happy birthday to My dear on KingsChat Web

Happy birthday to My dear Pastor,my father, mentor my Zonal Pastor EAVZ6. I love so much Sir. God bless you so much. #HBDPTO #EAVZ6

Happy birthday to My dear

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Doing an outreach with the kids #Outreach

Excerpts from The message "Pursuit of purpose" The various meetings we hold are not our purpose but a means to achieving our purpose

Happy birthday to you Pastor Sir, thank you so much for your fatherly love, care and prayers. I love you Pastor.

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🎉 Happy bday🎊2 a true mother, thank u 4 always being their 4 me&my family,I appreciate da consistant love u showerd us over da yrs...I💝 u

Happy Birthday Bro Kevin. We love you #CEKISUMU #eavz6

Happening Now: ZONAL LEADERS CONFERENCE!!! Excerpts from The message "Pursuit of Purpose" during the on going Zone 2 Leaders Conference. "The cell meetings, church services, outreaches, programs are not our purpose but they are in pursuit of our purpose. They were all designed to create those opportunities required to help men,women and children to hear and learn the word and participate in spiritual worship in an atmosphere of faith,prayer and inspiration ,that they may receive personal impartation and catch the vision of Christ to grow into spiritual manhood and live victorious lives and help others do the same ." What out for more updates. #lagzone2

#whyilovesy is not just for the occasion is for all times.

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