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I function in the dominion of the Spirit, having been enthroned over principalities of darkness &negative circumstances.My life is the manifestation of graces, many-sided wisdom & perfections of God! As He is so am I #myproclamations #myaffirmationsoftruth #mymonthofproclamations

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Dominion Chigozie Jennifer


Hallelujah!!! Glory

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Learn from Day 13 on #WordFest2 that God has His voices, standard, kingdom and choices 11 Days To WordFest2 Extravaganza Get Ready For This Dynamic Experienceđź’« #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

The Gospel is God's message to the people revealing His mind to human beings through Jesus Christ #day13 #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

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God has given His opinions through Jesus Christ The message Righteousness Part 1 airing now on for Day 13 #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

GOD IS NOT LOOKING AT WHAT YOU DID BUT WHO YOU ARE Watch now on Righteousness Part 1 for Day 13 #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

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Faith expressed towards God is righteousness #Day10 #wordfest2 #wordatwork #watchonpcdltv

#globalteensinduction #lwteensministry #cemidwestzone #ceItsekiri

I am functioning daily in divine wisdom, guided by d Spirit of God at all times and in all situations. I take my steps with faith and boldness, confident that everything has been prepared ahead of time. I don't need to worry, or try to make things work. #myptoclamations #CESydney

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