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#blwsazonea #ipreparewithdgospel #pcdldrive #a30daystudyonpcdl #watchonpcdltv #blwcampusministryrocks I function on the highest level of Faith, I am filled with the Spirit 😎

📢14 Days To Go ⏳💃💃💃. My special moments with Daddy Dearest🥰♥️. #MemoriesWithPastor #PF0403 #PstFreedom0403 #CESAZone1

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Today we took it higher! Being filled with the Spirit part 2!! It's more than just a one time experience, we ought to be filled with the Spirit always!! #WordDrive #Blwcampusministryrocks™️ #Pcdl #blwsazonec

🎊Welcome to EXPOSÉ ON Grace day 1🎊 James 4:6‬ ‭TPT‬‬ says “But he continues to pour out more and more grace upon us. Zonal link here 👇👇 to📱🖥️ https://pastorchrisdigitallibrary.org/exposeongrace/ceukz4 #AnExposeongrace #A14daystudy #WatchOnPcdlTv #CEEastHam #UKR2Z4

Midweek Service with Pastor Eunice! Praising our Lord in Victory #ceabakaliki #wednesdaymotivation #graced #gratitude



Wow! Wow! Wow! Are you readyyyyyy? It's 2 DAYSTOGO! We are still on with Registration. Register via this link👇 http://www.llnconferences.org and get ready! #lln24hoursonlineprayer #CalMC #TeamCalabarRocks

IMMEASURABLE GRACE AND PEACE! – PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ: Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord (2 Peter 1:1-2). There’re people who lament how much they want peace in their life, home, place of work, etc., and as a result, are asking others to pray for them to have more peace. However, that’s not going to work, because the Bible doesn’t say “grace and peace be multiplied to you through prayers,” but through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord. Such people may be prayed for, and they might feel better, but that’s all they’re going to get; a “good feeling.” God wants you to have something better than a “good feeling.” He wants you to live by His Word! The more you know Him, the more grace and peace you stand to enjoy in your life. The word ‘peace’ as used in 2 Peter 1:2 is from the Greek word, “eirene,” which means peace, with rest and prosperity. It’s akin to the Hebrew word “shalom.” In other words, through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord, you dwell in rest and prosperity! Everything about your life works out right. You’re not fretful over anything. Irrespective of what happens, you’re unperturbed, because you know things can only turn out for your good. Keep meditating on the Word of God! Maintain fellowship with the Spirit, and He’ll grant you more revelation knowledge of the Father, and of Jesus our Lord, heaping grace upon grace, thus bringing multiplied favour, promotion, increase, advantage, and other innumerable blessings into your life. #themonthofgrace #wehavemoved #8DOM #affirmationtrain #blessings #revelation #yourloveworld #excellence #wordfest2021 #thankyoupastorchris #talkingsession #8daysofmeditation

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