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It was God's choice not man's. He made us coats of many colours and caused us to see beyond #DayOfBlissIkorodu. #IKORODUisBIG #IKORODUisBIG

It was God's choice not

On a road not slopping or slacking. I am on voyage to making Christ known to all. I am running to win. 1 Corinthians 9:19-24 #30daysharvest

Excellency, Glory, Virtue and Success are the hallmarks of my life... Amen!!! #PrayerAndRestoration #ceowerri #ssvz4

I live a life full of success and prosperity #cewarrizone #cewzch3 #favour cell

Thank you Lord for loving me #MFCMbaleUganda

Yea, Surely His goodness & mercy follows me 24/7 for d rest of my life. GLORRRY, I'm counting my blessings 1234567. Lol, Hallelujah!!! AMEN

The blessings are already packaged and delivered to You. (2peter 1:3) @ROR #mfcmbaleuganda

His mercies are new every morning. Good Morning Beloved...

NO BLINK!!! ACTIVISM!!! Pastor Sir 🙏🙏🙏👮👮👮 thank you for this divine set up!!! You set me on course and I'm learning everyday!!! 👑👑👑

Happy birthday Sis Eromoise; our very own Barister. Glorious things are spoken of you in this your new year. Enjoy your day

In Christ I live, move and have my being... Hallelujah!!! #PrayerAndRestoration #ceowerri #ssvz4

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