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updated his profile photo

updated his profile photo

God doesn't lift you up to take you back down. He lifts you up and it can only get better from there. Hallelujah!!! #ceowerri #sevz1

Am flourishing this 2017!!!! Praise the Lord

Happy birthday to a wonderful Man Of God @pst_sola who took me on my first evangelism when I was trembling lol. After that day, I loved it

Pastor Vale taught me"God does not train us with wars that men fight"He trains us with His word!#evangelismcongress #celagzone2 loading....

updated his profile photo

THE HEALING SCHOOL MAGAZINE - JANUARY 2017 EDITION The January 2017 edition of the Healing School magazine is AVAILABLE! Click on this link to download your FREE copy of this inspiring edition of the Healing School magazine This edition is a MUST READ!!! #SS2VZ1 #TEAMCALABARROCKS

Best thing to do.

Lord I live by every Word that procedes from u. I'm like a tree by the stream. I'm bearing fruits. My leaves are green. #iFlourish

Dearly Beloved @ola234, it's wonderful 2 b connected wit U on this glorious platform. You're AWESOME! I love You Ma #Flourishing #iFlourish

Happy birthday my dearest sister. Sister Kenny the asst.... u know now. fill it . Enjoy your flourishing year. God bless you. And I love u.

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