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LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message Excerpts continues... PREPARING FOR THE BUILDING OF THE HOUSE OF THE LORD 1 Chronicles 22v5-, Matthew 16v18 We are the product of His ministry, we are the seed of Christ, we are the one prolonging his days. And so, we are the one building the church today. There is a building project going on now and every Christian has to be part of it. This building is the Kingdom of God here on Earth and Christ is the foundation of that building. This building is not a physical building but spiritual building. We are labourers in this project and so every joint must supply. 1Corinthians 3v8-15 If your work stand the test of the fire, you will receive your reward, but if your work is burnt, you shall be saved, but no reward. As leaders, this building project must be our priority. Matthew 6v33 The Kingdom of God must be first. We must price the house of God above all other things in our life. His house must come first, you cannot leave the house of God and you are pursuing other agenda. Haggai 1vs2-9 As the church is making progress, you are making progress. Always seek the progress of the house of God. God is your source not your business. Deuteronomy 8vs17 God gives you wealth for His own sake, for the sake of the Kingdom. If God should open Ur eyes to see what your tithe does for you, you will not eat your tithe another day Every leader has his own angel, special ones. Leaders don't work alone. It is a great honour to be a worker or leader in the house of God. No Christian leader works alone. That's why when you abandon Ur work in the house of God, your angel is recalled. God said He has found David, a man after his own heart. Refuse pride. No matter what you are doing in the house of God never get to the stage where you become proud, you may look gentle but pride is in the heart. That's why Bible says guard your heart with all diligence for out of it are the issues of life. God holds responsible anyone who slows down his work or hinder sinners from being saved by holding back the resources that God had committed into his hand. The work of God will still be done but you have cost the church an opportunity. The scriptures says that to him that knoweth to do good and witholdeth it, to him it is a sin. It is only God who knows what is left after you have given what you gave. God measures your giving by what is left after your giving. The truth is that the money in your hand is God's money because all you have was given to you by God. The dead doesn't have no need of money. Anytime there is a project in the house of God, there is something God wants to do with you. You cannot put God first and be last in life. #ceabakaliki #LCBC2021 #YearOfPreparation #AsWePray

LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message
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DAY TWO CE LAGOS ZONE 1 - CGI PROGRAMME Live participation from leaders in designated Zonal Centres. We're moving from glory to glory as the Word of God produces what it talks about in our lives. Alleluia! #CGI #preparedarmy #Yearofpreparation #celz1rocks

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#photospeak 🙏It's Day 9 of the 10 Days of Fasting and Prayers in Christ Embassy PTI CHurch. Awesome time of fellowship #Effurungroup #Cepti #Ministrycentrewarri

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LCBC 2021 DAY 1 Message continues... HOW DO YOU BUILD THE HOUSE OF GOD 1. You build the house of God with your tithes and offerings. Malachi 3 says; Your tithe is a provision for the house of God. How can you have a generator in your house and your church still borrows generator. You give that to God and see what He will do. Your tithe is for the building of God's house. Not bringing your tithe is saying God is not your source, Not bringing your tithe is saying you don't believe in his word; the blessings that comes with it. Contribute to the growth of the body so you can grow, become zealous for the house of God. When people are talking in a derogatory manner about the church, don't keep quiet, your quietness means your approval. You must be able to stand in defence of the gospel, of your faith. You must be concerned when something is not going well in the church, with a brother, you don't gossip, you should come together to pray. When a brother falls, we that are standing should pick that brother up and Carry him along. We don't leave the wounded for the enemy to console. Never give up on anybody. Don't be envious of anyone, there's no need for that, because we are one body and we are growing together. Build the house of God through soul winning. Every joint must supply in the building of God's house. None of us should come to church on Sunday or midweek Service without a block. Come with your block. Souls are your block. And we all grow because every joint supplies. That first timers card in your hand, don't joke with it, it is a soul. Build the house of God through soul winning, visitation and intercession. #ceabakaliki #LCBC2021 #YearOfPreparation #AsWePray

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