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Registrations have now begun...Click the link... #ukzone2 #adayofbliss

Registrations have now begun...Click the

A rare pic of me smiling. #wordfest2 #ukzone2 , #lwtooting

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#LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #cesapele #NSSZONE1

Just 2 days left. My excitement is so so so higher than ever before. My expectations are so big, to reach the maximum of souls. The expectation of the righteous shall no be cut off. Hallelujah!!! #cecanada #cebramptonwest #TheHarvestIsPlenteous

#LLN #loveworldladiesnetwork #loveworldladiesnetwork2020 #cesapele #NSSZONE1


Ce siluko ladies are all set for the LLN'S Recreating Your world outreach #cemidwestzone #LLN #cesiluko #LOVEWORLDLADIESNETWORK

Abuja Zone celebrates RON 2020 with the execution of a 10km road construction for the Community of Dakibiu, Abuja, FCT This is in line with celebrating the Rhapsody of Realities 20 years in print commemorative edition. In Reaching Out to the people of this community, we sow into the Land, impacting lives and giving hope. #ron2020 #reachout #abujazone #GraceLivesHere

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MY AFFIRMATIONS OF TRUTH #CEMCAbuja Friday, 23rd October 2020 I know who I am! I am the very offspring of God Almighty. I am wonderfully and fearfully made; carefully crafted by God Himself - fashioned for good works and predestined for the good life. I am special and important to God, and I am His best and most cherished workmanship. I reject sickness, poverty and the low life, because I was born for the top. The Lord daily perfects all that concerns me. The Spirit of God is at work in me, and He is the life of my physical body! Thank you Jesus. My health is perfected; everything that concerns me is perfected in the Name of Jesus! Divinity flows through me, in every fibre of my being, every bone of my body, and in every cell of my blood. I am un-infectable, impregnable to sickness and disease of any kind, for the Holy Ghost perambulates my body. I live the higher life, through the anointing that's at work in me. I am God's light in a dark world; His marvellous light finds expression in me. I do not stumble or proceed in darkness; rather, I guide men out of darkness with my words, actions and manner of life. The darker the night, the brighter my light shines. No external factor can condition my light; I shine brightly from within, dominating the circumstances of my world. My light cannot be hidden; my sun does not rise to set; I don't go up to come down. I’m ever-blazing by the Spirit, full of divine inspiration; I'm an epitome of excellence, creativity and innovation. Everything I set my hands to do prospers; and every day, I bring glory, honour and praise to the Father, because God is at work in me by His Spirit, causing me to excell in good works. Glory to God! #myproclamations #myaffirmationsoftruth #mymonthofproclamations

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