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RHAPSODY ALIVE! January 5th, 2020 SATURATE YOUR CLOUD WITH THE RIGHT WORDS Read On The App: bit.ly/getrhapsodyapp Hurray! We're Celebrating 20 years in print! Join us to distribute the Rhapsody today: • Create your own distribution link on bit.ly/spreadrhapsody • Sponsor the Free Global Distribution on bit.ly/sponsorrhapsody #rhapsody #BemorewithRoRv3 www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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Sis kuce



Gladys Uloma Okeoma



Edesiri Okoro





Good bless you too👏

PROFESSIONAL WOMEN 1 hosting our first glorious church service! Raising Perfect Women! We love you!!!

Happy perfect birthday Pastor Sir. I celebrate you on this special day because, your are a limitless gift given by God in my life. We love you so dearly.

Celebrating Perfection Personified, Pastor ma,your ministration is always so powerful and life transforming I love you dearly ma #pastoreseeze #celebratinggodsperfection

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Happy Birthday of perfection Pastor ma. I love you ma. #CelebrationofGodsGoodness

Happy birthday to myself !Thank you Pastor Chris for the word you have impacted in my life! I am a perfectionist

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Im the crowning beauty of Gods Creation.The Consummation of his work!! My life is full of the glory ,beauty ,wisdom and perfections of God. Im his EXCELLENT HANDIWORK. PERFECT.THE BEST OF HIS CREATION.Fearfully and wonderfully made. Oh! how marvellous are thy works .#perfect2020

Happy Birthday Pastor Sir. Thank you for teaching us the word #J52020 #ceabuloma #CephZone2

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