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The Haven Nation ZE2 Provoked clan for the Glory of God. A nation of Kingdom financiers. Gloryyyyyyy!

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Der Dezember Abendmahl Gottesdienst hatvheute seine Tueren geoeffnet Sei ein Teil davon und lade jemanden ein


Video Alert📸 Kids @Christ Embassy Charis Warri Ministry Centre pre - celebration of our Dad and Global luminary 💃🕺 Pastors, Teachers & Coordinators, Don't let your kids miss out, you can send your kids video presentation to dec.7childrencelebration@loveworld360.com #Dec7childrenscelebration


DECEMBER COMMUNION SERVICE @ 4:00PM ~ THERE WILL BE MORE TESTIMONIES Thank you to our man of God, Pastor Chris Oyakilome. Thank you Sir, for letting God work through you so mightily to save many around the world and particularly, for setting me on the path that I should go, through the ministration of the word and impartation of the Spirit. I love you Sir.  I also want to thank my Highly Esteemed Zonal Director, Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu, for consistently feeding my spirit fat with the word. Every meeting with you is a transportation in the spirit, I love you Ma. Some time earlier this year, a thought came to my mind from a dream I had a few years back, which was repeated in another form in 2018, and it formed an idea in my mind that, I believe is contrary to the word. This thought would cross my mind from time to time and I would banish it immediately but somehow, earlier this year, it became so persistent, magnified, and gained control over me. I found myself thinking about it most the day.  This got me really upset, I prayed, confessed the word to tell it off, because I believed it couldn't be God's will but each time I quoted scripture to justify my rejection  of the idea, I got a counter scripture popping in my mind immediately to knock off my argument,  then I would counter it with another scripture, it was a real battle of the mind.  I became so vexed that each time the thought came to me I would freak out, which usually triggered a certain reaction in my system. This reaction would upset my stomach with a hot sensation, which always left me immediately running to the convinience, and I would pass out some terrifyingly dark waste. My vision also began to deteriorate, I couldn't see clearly. I was exhausted and moody most day.  At this point, I knew I was up against something serious and needed a drastic change. I couldn't tell anyone about it, and I knew it wasn't a medical case, so I didn't go to the doctors. It was telling on me physically, loved ones were asking what was going on with me, I turned pale, I obviously looked sick.  I knew I needed a change, but I didn't know how to get it done. I couldn't pray effectively any more, I was confused and full of doubts. Several times I asked the Holy Spirit what to do, but I didn't really want to hear what He would say, i just wanted Him to take away that idea and it's torment.  One day, it dawned on me, that communion service was around the corner, my hope came alive. I became excited looking forward to the global communion service with the man of God, expecting to receive directions on how to deal with issue. My expectations came through 100%. The man of God declared that April was our month of direction, at the sound of that I knew it was a done deal for me. Pastor spoke as though he had a video clip of my ordeal, so I knew God had truly been mindful of me and had specially set that day for me.  When Pastor told a story about a certain pain he experienced around his chest a long time ago and how he asked the Holy Spirit what the cause was and that the Spirit of God told him what the problem was, I just said that's it. I am going to do just same and I would get the same result. Glory be to God!  So after the service I praised and prayed in the spirit from the auditorium right into my room, I was full of joy. The following morning, I had a special session with the Holy Spirit, wow! It was awesome. This time I wasn't grumbling and asking him to take the trouble away like I had been doing. I simply asked him, dear sweet Holy Spirit what is thing that is troubling me? Before I was done asking, He responded sharply "fright". I was shocked, fright? I wandered, He said yes, fright. For that moment, I wasn't sure I knew the meaning of the word fright, I had to consult the dictionary, and I found out the meaning hadn't changed, Intense fear. While I was still pondering, He asked me, why are you frightened at this? Oh, I had many reasons, even though I didn't realize until then that fear was my problem. So I wanted to tell Him all about my reasons, like He had no clue. So I mentioned the first one and chided me, He said, "and so what, why should that frighten you, what would happen if that were to be the case"? I actually wanted to explain, then I suddenly remembered a line from Pastor's message during the service, where he said, when God asks you a question, He just wants to show how foolish you are then I said, thank God I am wise.  Oh, I was awed. Then he told me to do something I couldn't do since that spirit of fear came, it was then I realized how really fear bound I had been. So I did what He asked me to do and said do it again, I did it again, I was overwhelmed. Then He asked me, did anything happen to you now for doing it? I said no. He said you should never be afraid of anything, whatsoever.  I said, Oh dear Lord, so I had gone through this trouble this whole time for nothing? But thank God I am free now. Thank God for the gift of Pastor Chris. Thank God for His word to us through our man of God. That was the the end of that torment till now and forever! Glory to God.  Even more glorious and exciting is the fact that, that encounter has transformed my relationship with the Holy Spirit to a whole new level. The reality of His person and of God's love came alive in me in a whole new way. I have become more conscious and confident of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in me. Oooh I love you Holy Spirit. Glory To God! Sister Rachel, CELVZ #CELVZ #CommunionService #December

Dear Esteemed, Precious greetings in Jesus name Welcome to the month of December Congratulations on your excessive and ongoing blessings as pronounced by our man of God last communion service. As announced by our man of God, Your Loveworld holds this month of December from the 9th - 11th of December on all LOVEWORLD NETWORKS. There will be 2 sessions in a day. A morning session at 10am GMT+1 and an evening session starting at 6pm GMT+1. Kindly announce, publicize, publish, declare, proclaim and spread in your church, to your family members, friends and colleagues. Tune in to watch and Participate from Monday 9th December to Wednesday 11th December at 10am and 6pm GMT+1 on all Loveworld Networks Channels, Our stations Apps and on the Live TV Mobile App. YOU CANNOT MISS THIS - THERE WILL BE AN OVERFLOW, ABUNDANCE OF FAVOUR. IT'S A NEW LEVEL Find ecard below and please share with ALL in your contact and Networks. Take time to locate airing time at your time zone. Download Live TV Mobile today!!! Have a great communion service with our dear man of God. ENJOYYYYYYYY #yourloveworld Pastor Ose Oyakhilome Regional Pastor, Christ Embassy Southern Africa & Director, Loveworld Networks.

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