Joan Amy: Happening all through September #CecooperativeHous on KingsChat Web

Happening all through September #CecooperativeHouse #Sez2 #Zoe

Happening all through September #CecooperativeHous

Happy birthday ma , Happy birthday ma , I love you so much for all the wonderful things you do for us and especially me , thanks for being consistent with us and ensuring we are always on tract for the gospel of Jesus Christ Love you ma #Cendobo #monthofwisdom

#LLN #CEHazyview #Sunninghill #CESAZone2

Happy Birthday dear  Pastor Matthew, God bless you for your passion for the gospel, consistency through the years and for all you do in the CELVZ; you sure are a tremendous blessing to the ministry and our man of God. Thank you for being a great helper of the war. It’s your season of great harvest, increased grace, unending flow of the miraculous, completeness and fullness of God's word. Enjoy a splendid year of perfection. I love you.

LW Leeds Ardent Soul Winners! Bro Mofe gloriously led Robert into the kingdom of light on Wednesday! Robert just came out of prison when Bro Mofe met him and led him to Christ! ‘ Robert testifies of a ‘huge difference’ in his life since this destiny changing decision

💡Celebrating Our HEROES of Faith in the EASTERN EUROPE CAMPUS CAPTURE 🔥In 15 Days, PIONEERING OF • 23 Cells, in • 20 Schools, in • 15 Nations, in EASTERN EUROPE became a reality!!! #blwzonej #easterneuropecampuscapture #wetakeall

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Praise God, the Holyghost is indeed an extra ordinary stretegist the way He directs me to souls and they just give me their details just like that; it pays to PRAY.... I AM SO READY! #BLWCENTRALCHURCH #ukzone2 # GlobalimpactOutreach

The Gospel is spreading..... hallelujah 🙌 🙌 #blwzonej #easterneuropecampuscapture #wetakeall

It's coming soon! Have you registered? #LLN #LLNInauguralMeeting #LoveworldLadiesNetwork #TheNextBigThing #cecrystalpalace #ceukz1 #UKR2Z1

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